For Families and Clients

This page will host a number of interesting websites, observations, links and assistance for families and clients dealing with issues related to long term care issues, caregiver concerns, health care issues and recommendations for finding help to assist with many of these important issues. Be sure to check back frequently as topics are added.
Geriatric Care Managers
It is not unusual for a family to be confronted with serious questions as to the kind of care an elder might require, including an appropriate setting for the delivery of that care. Clearly, given a choice, most of us would want to spend our remaining years in the comfort of our own home. However, the level of our disabilities often forces us to consider alternatives. Our ability to undertake the Activities of Daily Living (“ADLs”) without assistance is often the determining factor where we can safely live. The more assistance we require with those ADLs the more likely it is that our home may be considered an unsafe environment.

In cases where we cannot safely live in our own home we can consider whether we require a skilled nursing facility or whether a less intrusive environment such as an Assisted Living Facility would be preferable. As I always tell my clients, I am not medically trained. However, elder law attorneys do work closely with a number of different experts (financial advisors, accountants, nursing home and assisted living administrators, as examples) and I have always found that consultation with a geriatric care manager (“GCM”) is a wonderful resource for families who are struggling with the type of care their loved one requires as well as assisting in locating the best facility for delivery of that care.

Rhode Island is fortunate to have several excellent GCMs. Here are links to some with whom I have had wonderful experiences:
Jane E. Korb – Click here for more information
Senior Care Concepts, Inc. – Click here for more information
Paulette Masse – Click here for more information