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My Vision

STAGES OF LIFE PLANNING is a concept I developed over many years. It recognizes that estate planning is never a “one shot deal”. Changed circumstances can dictate when an estate plan should be reviewed (death of a loved one, unexpected inheritances, an extra baby in your future are just some examples). But even without those unexpected events, life circumstances also require reconsideration of planning strategies. We all have different goals in mind at different stages of our lives.

MY EMPHASIS ON LONG TERM CARE PLANNING arose after my own experiences as an adult child helping to make decisions for my own parents. I saw how difficult it was for my own father having to deal with the unexpected loss of my mother. I then acted as my father’s health care agent after his stroke for the three years he spent in a nursing home before his death. I learned firsthand what families go through when their loved ones become seriously ill and fear for their future. Traditional estate planning is designed for wealth transition to the next generation. But long term care planning is more concerned with providing for the elder’s health care needs while at the same time preserving some assets for the next generation.

THE HIGH COST OF NURSING HOME CARE can devastate the income and assets of our most vulnerable family members. Elders who worked diligently for decades, married and raised children, provided a home, an education and a safe environment for their children, who hoped to retire in some comfort and ease too often find their lives turned upside down by the effects of debilitating illness.

THE TASK OF AN ELDER LAW ATTORNEY is to work with those elders, their families, doctors, caregivers and advisors to identify their long term care needs, help in the acquisition of the level of care they need to meet their health requirements, guide them through the labyrinth of federal and state regulations while at the same time developing plans to preserve as much of their wealth as possible.

ATTORNEY MULLEN has dedicated his practice to long term and special needs planning since 2005 and his 37 years of prior experience in the fields of real estate, estate planning, probate, municipal work as a town solicitor and probate judge have all helped him develop a solid background in the areas of law so essential to an elder law practice. He is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, ElderCounsel, WealthCounsel and the Academy of Special Needs Planners.

VISIT HIS PAGES ON ESTATE PLANNING, LONG TERM CARE, VETERANS, AND SPECIAL NEEDS for more detailed and current information, video presentations from Mullen Elder Law TV on YouTube, and especially his Blog entitled, “The Grayest Generation”.